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About Musaic™ Art Company

The Musaic™ Art Company, LLC (Musaic), based in Nashville, TN, was formalized in 2016 with a vision to create transcendent, expressive, one-of-a-kind works of fine art inspired by popular songs. Each original piece of fine art is created by assembling smaller painted images into a mosaic representative of song lyrics.

Musaic founder and business architect, John McConnell, was inspired to create Musaic in the early hours before dawn while working and listening to music in the background. The country song In Color was playing quietly and upon hearing the lyrics was moved by family memories like never before. Inspired by the Spirit, the business model and foundation for Musaic was established to create fine art based on popular songs.

Meet John McConnell

John McConnell was born into a military family in Enterprise, Alabama. This is where the foundation for life was taught, learned, and established. John’s entrepreneurial spirit began at an early age and he established a successful lawn care service while in high school until his departure for college at Auburn University, where he received degrees in marketing and building science.

While attending college, John co-funded his education by working the early A.M. pre-load shift at United Parcel Service (UPS). Upon completion of college, John took a full-time job driving for UPS, where he met his first business partner. John eventually left UPS to be a co-founder of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) business based in Auburn, AL, in the early days of the internet.

Upon a successful exit of the ISP business to ITC^Deltacom, a regional telecommunications business, John founded Applied Technology Partners, a distance learning software company located in Birmingham, AL, and shortly after creation had a successful exit in a “roll up” strategy by Virtual Learning Technologies to Houghton Mifflin, a global supplier of educational products and services.

John’s next venture, Digital Safety Technologies, included relocation to Nashville, TN, where he co-founded the digital in-car video manufacturing business.

It has been during his tenure in Nashville that he was exposed to the music industry and grew in his knowledge and love of the business.